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    Defective space-used display?

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      I'm seeing this odd calculations/display for space consumed on an NFS4 datastore:

      Screenshot - 3_26_2019 , 10_03_03 AM.png

      Screenshot - 3_26_2019 , 10_04_06 AM.png

      As the screenshots show, the two drives attached to the VM are 1TB and 252GB, and via thin provisioning on the NFS4 datastore, are consuming ~370GB and ~25GB, respectively.


      The used space display, however, is basically ignoring the VMDK consumption; VM memory is locked/reserved, so there's no swap file to consider either.


      This is also consistent across web clients; H5 vCenter, Flex vCenter and H5 Host all report the same ~5GB consumed.


      Anyone else seeing something like this? Is there a way to reset the calculations so that the host & vCenter properly recognize the consumed space?