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    srm6.1_test failure

    jvm2016 Expert

      hi All ,

      can someone suggest on the following errors for srm .it says placefolder vm for protected vm is missing.


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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          Yes, it means the placeholder at the remote site for the VM being protected at the source site is missing. Why is it missing? Dunno. What have you done to cause this?

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            jvm2016 Expert

            well before running the test  i found those vmswhich are part of protection are recovered and showing in DR .

            there was no option to clean recovery as it was greyed out so it means they were recovered manually by someone .as it shows in events,

            so i thought of removing it from inventory to start test again .

            can yu suggest how i can get it back in placeholder datastore .

            one option i am thinking to cretae protection group again and then recovery plan .this way it will create vms in placeholder datastore .

            can yu suggest something on it.