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    Datastore of nodes

    sandroalvesbrasil Novice



      is it possible to use the datastore space of each available node in vCenter?


      Or should we not write anything in these datastores?



      Thank you.



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          IRIX201110141 Master

          No... you cant use it VMs. For sure you place the scratch disk on it because its not supportet so configure it to vSanDatastore.  Maybe you can store your ISOs on.



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            TheBobkin Virtuoso
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            Hello sandroalvesbrasil,



            From a brief search online 'service-datastore' appear to be repository locations for VxRail-related scripts/tools and as staging location for images - these are *likely* VMFS datastores used with excess on install device (as with any standard ESXi install) of insignificant size - step 1 should be to check if they are on the same controller as the vSAN devices, if so then you should not be considering using them for VM storage (logging/coredump/ISOs is generally okay if they are durable devices), step 2 should be to find out if they are of any usable size at all or just VMFs on excess space of install as I said above.

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