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    VMDK files have incorrect file sizes when viewed in VCSA or Windows vSphere client

    georgemason Novice



      I'm looking into something which I can't explain, with reference to the sizes of virtual disks shown in the vSphere client, and indeed when viewing the files via SSH console to the hosts themselves. So far I think this only applies to thin provisioned disks although I'm not 100% sure this is the case.


      The issue appears to be that when I look in the client, VMDK files do not show the actual size of the disk. An example is a VM that had 2 new (thin provisioned) virtual disks created recently, of 100 and 350GB respectively. When looking in the client, these same VMDKs stored on vSAN, appear to have a size in the order of tens of megabytes.



      I know for a fact that these disks have > 200GB of data between them. The same disks from the console look like so:


      Clearly I'm missing something, and the VMs are all working as they should be - but I would have expected to be able to see the file sizes of the disks in one of these two interfaces.


      Help from the community very much welcomed, thanks in advance!