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    root password

    spiazza1 Lurker

      I deployed the OVA for

      There is no customization during deployment for defining the ROOT password.

      After OVA is deployed, I cannot turn on the VM due to lack of root password.


      Please advise



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          HarishV Hot Shot
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          Hello Steve,


          Please provide your contact information ( in the comment section ) by filling the smart sheet below.


          VMware Skyline Community - Smartsheet.com


          We will get on a quick web-ex session to fix this if you are available now.

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            Hello Steve,


            During deployment, you will get an option to set the root password. Screenshot attached for reference. If you have set it and don't have the password handy we have an option to go the GRUB screen of the appliance and reset it. We can have a webex session if you need assistance in setting up a new password.


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              spiazza1 Lurker

              Thanks the reply.


              I do not see the customization screen options you show in your screen shot when I deploy the OVA.

              I have the option to choose network and to set an IP address. That is all.


              See attached screenshot.


              Please provide me a direct what to communicate with you so we can setup a webex.



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                spiazza1 Lurker

                I figured out the issue.

                Customization Template did not appear in HTML GUI. I just tried it in the FLASH GUI and the customization tab showed up.



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                  Hello Steve,


                  Thank you for your response.


                  I will close this thread as you were able to set the root password.


                  I noticed that you have posted another query in skyline community. If you are setting up Skyline for the first time today it usually takes 48 hours to get access to Skyline Advisor.


                  Please wait for 48 hours if you have setup Skyline today.


                  Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications.