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    OS Optimization Tool and Roaming Profile Share on NetApp

    acpzehetal Novice

      Hello Community,

      We are trying to deploy our new Windows 10 Desktop Pools in our Horizon View 7.7 Environment. We were are creating a new Golden Image from scratch and were optimizing with the VMware OS Optimization Tool. In the first place we using the ordinary Windows 10 Template, but we get an issue with our netapp based share which is hosting our roaming user profiles. After a second reboot of the golden image we can´t access the share anymore or extremely slowly (writing files takes more than 10 minutes).

      Then we tried to create a personal template where we were deleting all things which we thought that could be the cause of not accessing the netapp share, but everything we were applying the corrections from OSOT we get the same problem.

      We inactivated nearly everything with network or location, we removed all "Stop\disable service". The only things we let in our template where graphic performance (User and Machine), Secheduled Tasks, and some GPO settings.

      Does any one have a clue which setting can avoid accessing a netapp share while the original windows shares from MS servers are reachable with delay.


      Our storage guy told us that the netapp config supports all SMB types and can deal with signed secure channel and more. We think that´s correct because the windows 10 is working allright with this share before we apply the OSOT corrections.