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    New Horizon View 7.8 Instant-Clone option clarification

    touimet Enthusiast

      I found this little new (possible) gem in Horizon View 7.8 release:


      Image Publish Computer Account

      Publishing instant-clones requires an additional computer account in the same AD domain as the clones. If you want to use pre-created computer accounts instead of auto-created computer accounts, you must also create the additional computer account and specify its name here. Then you do not need to delegate Create and Delete of computer objects to the provisioning account.

      Worksheet for Creating an Instant-Clone Desktop Pool


      I'm a bit confused about it and when or why I would use it.  I understand pre-7.8 required an Instant-Clone Service Account with specific AD permissions to work properly.  If I use this field is the Instant-Clone Service Account still needed?  Would I pre-create all the computer accounts and just specify one in this field during the creation of the pool?  What use case is this for?  Any deeper explanation would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!