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    VCSA causes ESXi to become non-responsive

    SteveLup Novice


      I've got a weird problem. If I don't have VCSA running, everything works normally. I can log into the console on my three ESXi hosts without any problem at all. Everything is snappy and responsive and all functionality is fine.

      If I start VCSA, all is well for about five minutes, then all three hosts go offline in VCSA. At that point it is impossible to then log into the hosts directly. They either just sit there showing the VMware logo, or if you can get past that, the login just times out. SSH works fine at this point - it's just the GUI that fails.


      The only way to restore normal service is to shutdown VCSA and then restart the host services on the hosts. I did find someone else reporting the same issue a couple of years ago but no resolution was forthcoming and the discussion was abandoned.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      ESXi version is 6.7.0 (Build 9484548).