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    AppStacks are not displayed

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      Hi everyone,


      after updating the App Volumes Manager to version, only a few app stacks appear under volumes, appstacks. The files are present on the disk. Under Infrastructure, Storages the correct number is displayed (Attachable: Yes; Status: Existing). If I do an import or rescan in the app volumes manager, nothing changes. New app stacks can be created and existing app stacks can be updated.

      Does anyone have any idea, how i get the other existing app stacks displayed here.



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          You guys should really try and read the other posts .

          Yes I have a solution that you might wanna try but I would not suggest using that in production.... Appvolumes team has acknowledged the issue and it seems to be cosmetic.

          There is a table called snapvols in the database. At the end there's a column named type and the appstacks that are not showing up have the value AppPackage. If you remove the value and set it to NULL (As in nothing) the appstacks show up without changing anything else.


          I reverted back to version 2.15 and the appstacks are visible again so they are not begin removed. Doing an import or replicate or whatever does not show you the appstacks again.

          The strange thing is that the appstacks are being attached when logging in.. Even though they don' t show up in the manager

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            7as7 Lurker


            sorry for not thorough reading and thanks for the detailed answer