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    Connect Automatically setting ignored on iOS using VmWare AirWatch Workspace ONE

    diego_negri Lurker



      Using VmWare Workspace ONE trial i set up an iOS per-app VPN configuration profile specifying the 'Connect Automatically' flag for an OpenVPN connection.


      The setting 'Connect Automatically' is ignored.


      The provisioning file created by VmWare AirWatch Workspace ONE looks incorrect for the OnDemandMatchAppEnabled

      - it contains the value <integer>1</integer> which is ignored by iOS devoce

      - manually configuring the same value to <true> the VPN flag is appropriately set on device.


      Using the workaround specifying a custom profile does not it to be set as 'per-app VPN' assignment for our app.


      Any help is much appreciated.


      Kind Regards