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    Monitor Service Now - vRO

    Bunty11 Enthusiast

      How can  I monitor Service Now Ticket Queue from vRealize Orchestrator ???


      Ticket in Service Now Monitor -> Update --> Close

      From vRealize Orchestrator

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          qc4vmware Master

          We've enabled 2 way communication to ServiceNow where we don't actually monitor a specific queue.  Instead there is a call from ServiceNow into Orchestrator when there is a task that requires Orchestrator to do something.  This has worked really well.  We then update the task in ServiceNow with a response or close the task.  We implemented this a long time ago and used the SOAP connector.  We will eventually migrate it all over to the REST api but have not gotten around to it.  You can also monitor a queue as well if you so choose.  At one point a 3rd party had developed a really nice SNOW plugin for Orchestrator but it was overkill for what we are doing so we never purchased it.

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            Bunty11 Enthusiast

            Cant we make REST API calls from vRO only  to service now

            vRO Rest API Call -> Pull -> Read Ticket Contents

            vRO REST API Calls -> Patch -> Update ticket Content

            vRO REST API Calls -> POST -> Create ticket




            There would be no need for communication from ServiceNow.

            Only communication from vRO wont be sufficient ??


            Please advice …..

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              sbeaver Guru
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              There are multiple methods to make this work.  One way was mentioned above.  Another way is what you have indicated and I have used something like that where vRO would make a call to service now to search for a Change or Incident that matches very specific criteria and takes action based on the search result

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