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    A dynamic ESXi installer (USB) to install any version of ESXi

    M_A_Y Lurker

      Hi all

      I am in a position that i keep installing new ESXi all the time, by creating a ESXi installer Media (USB) via rufus then insall ESXi from that.


      I think if it is possible to create a dynamic ESXi installer Media (USB) and just replace the .iso image by copy&past then it will install the version of the ESXi that .iso file is, than creating multiple ESXi installer Media (USB) for each version of ESXi...

      Right now i have 5 USB drives and i am switching between ESXi 5.5U3, 6.0, 6.5U2, 6.7 & 6.7U1, but it will nice to have 1 USB and just switch between .iso files by coping the .iso to the USB drive and start installing.


      ZALMAN hard drive is not an uption.