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    Does SDDC = HCI

    ERA_GoBlue Lurker

      Our architects have stated that we will be implementing a VVD SDDC soon. I asked if this included HCI and they stated no. My questions are;

      1. How often has anyone seen VVD SDDC deployed\implemented in a non-HCI configuration?

      2. Where in the design documents may I find reference to a non-HCI (vSAN) configuration for compute clusters?

      I have little experience with SDDC, however just about everything I have read refers to vSAN. Thanks for any clarifications.

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          cyberwookie Novice

          Hi Era_GoBlue,


          I just happened to see a presentation about this yesterday at a VMUG meeting, i clearly remember you get a VSAN in the Bill Of Materials.

          I checked this here: VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center (VVD for SDDC) 5.0 - Cloud Foundation


          If you use the Cloud Builder (not sure if this was the correct name), it installs all the goodies from the B.O.M. (except NSX)


          However, after talking with some co-workers, it became clear that the VVD is only a guideline, you can implement a small part, a big part or the entire Cloud suite, HCI is optional.

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            Ryan Johnson Enthusiast
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            We actaully see this quite often - especially for workload domain ckusters where customers wish to use existing storage investments or have specific requirements.


            While the VMware Validated Design for SDDC is built on and validated with vSAN as the primary storage platform, customers can, in fact, use alternative storage as long as that storage is compatible with the vSphere version in the BOM. Below is an excerpt from the 5.0.x documentation:

            Physical Storage Design:

            All functional testing and validation of the design is on vSAN. Although VMware Validated Design uses vSAN, in particular for the clusters running management components, you can use any supported storage solution.

            If selecting a storage solution other than vSAN, you must take into account that all the design, deployment, and Day-2 guidance in VMware Validated Design applies under the context of vSAN and adjust appropriately.

            Your storage design must match or exceed the capacity and performance capabilities of the vSAN configuration in the design. For multiple availability zones, the vSAN configuration includes vSAN stretched cluster.

            Additionally, if you look at the Deploy Parameters on the configuration workbook for 5.0.x you see that vSAN is optional:


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              NSX is an explicit requirement for alignment with the VMware Validated Design and the management components run within NSX-v logical networks. Additionally, Cloud Builder automates the deployment and configuration to the design specification with the design default or customer provided parameters.


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              Ryan Johnson
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