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    How to Configure 4g LAG

    derian00 Lurker

      I am running an ESXi 6.7 system with 4 NICs all connected to my switch, and I am trying to create a 4g trunk between the core switch and v-switch, then I would just have a port group per vLan all connected back to that vSwitch, effectively giving each port group a 4g link to the core switch.


      The issue I am having is how to do this in practise, I have done research and talked to many people across different forums, and I have heard some ideas that others said where dumb, and the same vice versa, so I was hoping someone here could clear up the proper way to do this.


      The current config on my ESXi-2 server is 4 NICs, all assigned to 1 vSwitch, I have a management port group on vLan 300 with the management NIC applied to that management port group. Core switch side, the 4 ports are in a LAG group, and the LAG group is configured as a vLan trunk. I have no problems accessing the management GUI from another system on the tag 300 network, but I have yet to test the total link speed between the vSwitch and the core switch.


      For some reason, I am having problems doing the same on ESXi-1, one forum I asked in, someone called me an idiot for using a LAG, and suggested I use teaming in ESXi and nothing more, and refused to provide any reasoning for his backing other than "I know more than you". With that being said, what is the best practise here? I am new to vmware and this setup is being used only in a homelab enviroment. Please advise.