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    scaling or clone with powercli

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      My topic and find a way to redirected the traffic in case of overload (use more than 80% of the use of RAM) of a machine Vm in (private cloud - vmware) to another machine vm this time in (public cloud - openstack)



      The first step C to create an alarm in vmware Decliding a script powerCLI or processing to  Declanche an instance in openstack

      Is this a good track?

      If not, are there any other interesting tracks?

      Thank you for sharing with me your ideas or documents that you see useful.




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          You can create an alarm that will fire if a specific metric surpasses a threshold.

          See for example Alarm Expressions – Part 1 : Metric Alarms

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            iMech Novice

            thanks for your replay


            I will detail even more my idea


            I'm working on a project to implement a private / public hybrid cloud solution

            the solution is expected to allow a virtualized computer system, initially deployed in private cloud mode (VMware), to expand when it experiences point load peaks

            to a public cloud and then back to the private cloud once the load is down (scale out / scale in).



            We use vmware for the private cloud.

            We use openstack for the public cloud.



            The question is: is there a tool or a set of tools in vmware that can help me realize my project?



            I am reading the vmware documentation and I am falling on three tracks:



            1-- I can create an alarm in vsphère that triggers when exceeding a certain threshold of RAM example 80%.

            2- using powerCLi an image will be clone and deploy in opensatck

            3- I use maybe 'vmware integrated openstack'



            I do not know yet the feasibility of his tools for my project



            I'm counting on you to tell me to the right tools in vMware product that may be useful in my case.



            For the return path (go back to the private cloud once the load drops) I'll see that side public cloud (openstack)

            Thank you for sharing documentation or links to the documentation with me

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              Sorry, but I don't think there are currently any scripts to do that move/clone.


              In concept you have to inject drivers, convert the VMDK to Ceph...
              See How to migrate from VMware and Hyper-V to OpenStack - Superuser for a more detailed list of the steps involved.


              Did you raise the question in the Integrated OpenStack community as well?

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                iMech Novice

                precisely I do not think that all the work will be done by script

                but I am in the research phase of how:

                when the load is waiting (eg 80% use of RAM) on my first VM (vmware-private cloud) I switch traffic to another machine (in openstack - public cloud)

                my first step is to create an alarm that triggers a traittemnt

                the idea of not migrating all to opensatck - it's just doing some sort of load balancing or tilting between the two clouds

                scal in scale out


                I had no response from the community