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    Datastore Missing/ Will Not Save

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      The software is VMware ESXi 5.5.0 (VMKernal Release Build 3568722).



           I work in a production environment and build components for customers that require VMware. My knowledge base regarding VMware is next to nothing, with only 6 months of hands on experience creating very basic VMs through the software.  I create a datastore, load a license key, and then create a Virtual Machine. That's about the extent of how dirty my hands get with VMware. I produce roughly 6 units/ day and the VMware portion is a brief glimpse of the entire scope of the production process.




           Recently, by accident, we discovered some of the units were powering back on without the datastore that was initially created. In fact, I'm currently verifying all previous builds (as I type this) to see if the datastore is present. Approximately 50% of my builds are retaining the datastore and configs, while the other half are empty as if I never touched them.



           To clear up any steps I might be missing, here is a brief step by step process with regards to datastore creation.

      1. Login into VMware.

      2. The initial screen will prompt me to create a data store due to "no persistent storage", here I select "Create a datastore"

      3.At Storage Type- Disk/LUN

      4. Select "Local ATA..." (My present device for storage.)

      5. Select Keep existing signature


      7.Select Licensed features, edit..., assign new license key, here I past my VMware product key.

      8.Left hand side I select my VM under my host IP.

      9. power on the VM.

      10. Select Console Tab.

      11. Configure the VM to desired IP.

      12. From here I configure a different program through the VM.

      13. I close the VMware program window once completed.



           Through trial and error and consulting co-workers, I've discovered that by right-clicking the IP address of my host in the left hand panel and performing a "reboot" before I close the window, my datastore and configs seems to always get stored. I'm still in the process of verifying if all units are powering back on with the datastore and configs still saved, but it appears that performing this reboot is acting as sort of a save function. Now, I've read a lot of forums and discussions with similar issues and the most popular fix was to ASSIGN A NEW SIGNATURE. Which I did try, and it appeared to save the datastore upon powering back on. The issue with assigning a NEW SIGNATURE is that I lose all of the pre-configured settings my SSD has been imaged with, forcing me to go in and assign the paths, cpu settings, memory size, etc. So, thus far my best fix option seems to be REBOOTING the server via right-clicking the IP address and selecting REBOOT.



           Does performing a reboot cause the configs and datastore to save? Empirical data would support this but I cannot find the documentation to back this up.

           Why are some of my VMware programs saving the datastore and configs, while other do not? My process is precisely consistent with zero deviations with every new unit build.

           Is there another way to resolve the issue?


           Thanks in advance for any insight on my issue. I'd be glad to fill any gaps in pertinent details I failed to provide in this post.