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    Help TI in need

    Davinci420 Lurker

      Alright is been a couple days now that me and my collegue tryes to figure out whats the probleme here ..... supermicro server sys 6029p tr

      Xeon Silver 4114

      Mega raid cart raid 6 on ( manualy install)


      Put my media on the usb boot .... esxi 6.7 booting

      Installing process..........


      Unplug the media reboot .....


      Thenn .... uefi interactive shell v2.2


      No mapping found ..... ????????????


      All the bios check up as been done ...... couple thing like the cables management ...  check

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          continuum Guru
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          For troubleshooting I would boot into a Linux LiveCD.
          That will tell you wether your hardware is still working and you can check whats has happened to the ESXi install.
          Is your server supported ?
          Did the last install process detect any previous installation ?