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    How does Entitlement Handling work in Plugin V5.1?

    henswort Novice

      Hi CalsoftTechie,


      I have vRA/SNOW Plugin V5.1 installed in my Kingstion ServiceNow Instance.


      Reading the installation procedure and using the vRA Entitlement form it looks straight forward, but, I think I'm missing something.


      Now I'm seeing the plugin generated User Criteria applying access correctly within the vRA User Portal Catalog (i.e. https://<snow-inst>/vra).

      But, not against items also the Service Portals Catalog (i.e. https://<snow-inst>/sp).


      I have corrected the Service Portal access with another User Criteria, however, this doesn't feel right.


      Can you please tell me how:

      • The vRA Entitlement records translate to User Criteria
      • They relate to the Catalog Items when in Catalogs & Categories other than the vRA Catalog & Categories
      • To best link the vRA Entitlements to Catalog Items in both the vRealize Automation Catalog & Service Catalog



      Thanks in advance.