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    App Volumes breaks AutoCAD 2019

    Bimsquad Lurker

      Hi all,

      Implementing a Horizon 7.6 VDI environment for some CAD users. NVIDIA GPUs, Windows 10, and vSphere 6.7u1, App Volumes 2.15, Instant Clone desktop pool.

      I had spent a long time trying to package AutoDesk products into App Stacks. This was only partially successful, so we have ended up with a comprehensive base image with many AutoDesk products and versions installed.

      Users have Writable Volumes, which is fantastic. It solved all our issues with keeping settings, including Office 365 logins in a non-ADFS environment.


      AutoCAD 2019 will not launch if there is ANY App Volume mounted. If there are no App Volumes present, AutoCAD works fine. The presence of any App Stack, even if it's not the writable one, causes AutoCAD to not launch.

      No other AutoDesk products (several versions of Revit, Navisworks etc) exhibit the issue.

      AutoCAD is the only one that wants to complete an install process when launched by each user. Without an App Volume present, this takes about 10 seconds and works fine.

      With any App Volume mounted, we quickly get "The system cannot open the device or file specified". Cancelling this results in "Error 1309. Error reading from file" ... "acad.fmp" -- see attached. The file reported is present.

      UAC is off. Making users local or domain admins makes no difference. The only time it launches successfully is with no App Volumes present.

      I also have a packaged App Volume of AutoCAD 2019. This gets the same results.

      Any ideas? I've been beating my head against this for a couple of days now. Cannot find anything meaningful in logs, but maybe there is one I don't know about.