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    Machine Group Policy reverts when AppStack attaches during logon?

    ARauschenbach Novice

      Hi All,


      I have a deployment (running Horizon 7.6.0 and AppVolumes where some AppStacks were provisioned on Domain Joined computers (for various reasons). Everything works fine with the AppStacks and applications themselves, however when attached to a workstation during the logon process the AppStack reverts the workstation's Group Policy settings to those that were in place when the AppStack was originally provisioned. We are using some Loopback\merge policies, and now are noticing that our newer changes are being reverted during the logon cycle for users which are utilizing the older AppStacks. Reading through a couple of the threads here it sounds like maybe some others have had this issue (registry settings reverting when attaching AppStacks) although they haven't attributed it directly to Group Policy application. I imagine that the AppStacks are attaching after Group Policy applies during the logon cycle, and somehow overriding the workstations normal Group Policy files.


      I'm looking for some guidance\affirmation on how to defeat this issue -- My plan so far is to Exclude the entire "%systemroot%\system32\grouppolicy\" folder from all the AppStacks and on the Template as well (to hopefully resolve this issue going forwards). I can't imagine an issue occurring as a result of excluding this folder, since Group Policy should be processed during the boot and logon cycle on the workstation. We are using primarily non-persistent pools with Refresh on logoff.


      Any guidance, thoughts, concerns on the above would be appreciated.