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    NSX-T 2.4 No T1 DR component

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      Im trying 2.4 in the lab - Ive set up a couple of VM's - each connected to a separate logical segment, then created a T1 and connected the T1 to each segnement under the service interfaces area


      Also associated the T1 with the Edge node.


      I cant ping from 1 VM to the other and even though everything seems to be up I cant see the DR component of the T1 on the ESX hosts (I can on the edge as the SR).  Even though the segments are connected I also see nothing in the "linked segments" part or the T1.


      Anyone had similar?

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          Service Interfaces is the wrong spot to configure what you want to achieve.


          When creating a segment, Click on "Set Subnets". The details you enter here will be used to create the appropriate LIF on the T1/T0 gateway you connect it to under the "Uplink & Type" Dropdown box.