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    WinXP Guest using VMDK gets BSOD but Virtual Box runs it just fine!

    Stixoffire Lurker

      I have a VMDK of a Windows XP Service Pack 3 - I created the image of the hard disk (Physical Box)  from an Acronis TIB and used StarConverter to create the VMDK file.



      I have a HOST machine Windows 10x 64 Professional,
      GUEST is Windows XP Service Pack 3.
      VMWare Player 15.


      I copied the original VMDK file to my VMWare folders and Created a new VMware virtual machine it BSOD'd.


      I copied the original VMDK file into my Virtual Box [VBox version 6] Folder and created a virtual box using the VMDK it worked fine.


      When I run the VMWare player version I get the BSOD. 07x basically the  bad driver complaint BSOD - since it works in VBox it can't be the VMDK drivers - it has to be a configuration of VMWare.


      I have tried mounting this with IDE, SATA and SCSI selected as the hard disk interface but to no avail, I have limited the memory to 512MB, limited the Display , limited the processor .. So please provide some hints as to what the cause is. I am willing to share the VirtualBox vbox config file, and my vmx file so I can know what is wrong ..


      My VMware ran one time - and that was after I cycled through the Drive Connection Types back to IDE - it then installed the VMware tools via download and crashes every time.

      What things might be wrong after all if I have NO ISSUES with VBox - VMWare should handle this with no issues?


      BTW: This text entry form keeps popping my typing current cursor position to the end of the previously line every minute or so - it is REALLY annoying!