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    Unable to capture content type Operations-Dashboard

    TheFluffyRedAdmin Lurker

      I am able to export other types of vROPS content without any problem.

      But it simply wont list any custom Dashboard i have made



      I made sure the Dashboards I am trying to capture are shared with the 'everyone' group in vROPS

      I am having this problem with both vROPS 6.7 and 7.0

      Anyone have any ideas?

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          GayathriS Expert



          Looks like this could be a permission issue with user, which doesnt have access to Customized dashboard .

          I see you have already confirmed that dashboard is shared with all  groups in vrops , however could you confirm if you can login to vrops using "admin" account and confirm .


          Also try to enable those check box and take a look what different option or parameters that enables you with .




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            TheFluffyRedAdmin Lurker

            Hello Gayathri,


            This is a very clean and default install of vROPS 7.0.

            The only account I have used to access it, is its 'admin' account. The same account I create the dashboard with.


            This vROPS install was created seperately from LCM, and only later imported into LCM. But to import it, the same admin account was used.


            And note of course, that all other vROPS object types, like a custom view, or symptom definition, are able to be retrieved by LCM without any problem.


            Therefore, I doubt it is an issue with the rights of the 'admin' account itself.


            Which check boxes do you mean?  The ones in LCM?


            If i select 'get the latest content' it results in an 'Internal server error'


            The other 2 checkboxes have no effect. It cannot retrieve dependencies on an object type it cannot find to begin with.


            And the other checkbox is only relevant to how the content is tagged internally for pipeline execution to another endpoint.









            Robert (@thefluffysysop)