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    6.7U1 VSAN TRIM/UNMAP space reclaim on the vCenter Server Appliance itself

    rleon_vm Novice

      Hi all,


      We have a 6.7U1 VSAN all flash environment.

      The TRIM/UNMAP space reclamation feature is enabled on the VSAN cluster (The "vsan.unmap_support" Ruby command). Link to info.


      We tested it on Windows guest OSes by running the following to force TRIM/UNMAP.

      It works and Windows VMDKs instantly become smaller.

      "Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter C -ReTrim -Verbose"


      We would now like to test TRIM/UNMAP on the Thin Provisioned vCenter Server Appliance itself.

      For example, to free up some Auto Deploy Image Builder left-behind deleted ISO disk space.


      We tried running fstrim, but get the following:

      "fstrim: /tmp: the discard operation is not supported"


      Is there a way to force TRIM/UNMAP on the VCSA itself?