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    PowerCli SCSILUN - DataStore - Snapshot volume

    sspikent Novice

      Trying to audit our vCenter 6.5 environment datastores. I can easily grab datastores and associated Scsi Luns. However I need to establish which of the Scsi Luns I see are "Snapshot volumes" as seen in the attached screenshot.




      I can use ESX-CLI to query snapshot volumes, but this does not provide the local device IDs (naa.600...). I can also use

      (Get-View $vmhost.ConfigManager.StorageSystem).FileSystemVolumeInfo.MountInfo but this is also missing the vital properties.


      What I need:

      For each VMHost Scsi Lun:

      1. VMFS data (if used locally) - easy and done

      2. Unused ScsiLuns - easy and done

      3. Scsi Luns that Snapshot volumes (Hitachi HDS mirror./snapshot targets) - Struggling with this.


      Looking at the screenshot from the WerbGui, I can see that the data is there. How do I get to it via PowerCli ?


      Thanks all