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    VMWare bridge interfaces

    avzuquete Lurker

      I have a rather strange setup using VMWare:

      1 - The hosting system is a Windows 10. It has access to NICs but all IP disabled. All WLAN authentications are done by this system, though.

            In short, this system is capable of establishing network links but cannot communicate with the Internet (for security reasons).

      2 - One of the virtualized systems is a Linux gateway. It manages an internel network, where all my other VMs connect, and acts as a gateway to the exterior NICS, which are virtualized in a single ethernet NIC.


      Given this setup, each time I roam between networks I should run DHCP in my virtualized gateway to re-setup the exterior virtualized ethernet NIC.

      However, this interface does not receive any indication that it was disconnected and reconnected upon roaming (which is natural, since it connects to a bridge).

      Therefore DHCP does not run until the end of the lease.


      Is there any mechanism on VMWare to disconnect and connect a virtual ethernet bridged NIC upon a change in the connection of the real NICs?