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    Vcenter Server 6.5d Installation error 1603

    policeman510 Lurker

      I'm doing a fresh install on a Windows 2019 server of Vcenter 6.5d.

      The installation keeps failing at the VCSServiceManager with a 1603 error.

      I've seen lots of posts on this before with upgrading Vcenter, but not on clean installations. 


      The last steps I did was start from scratch with a new OS (with .net 3.5), new SQL build and a new Vcenter ISO download, but I'm still getting that 1603 error on VCSServiceManager.

      I then installed VCSSServiceManager.msi first, then did the Vcenter installation and that completed "successfully" but not all services were installed and there was no Vcenter web client.

      So now I'm back to square one.


      I opened a support case and they mentioned it was because of a firewall rule.  I checked, I didn't install any of our antivirus software yet and the Domain/Public/Private Windows firewalls are on disabled.  I'm still working with support, but getting no where as far as a solution goes.