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    VSAN pricing details

    rahuls23 Lurker

      We are planing to purchase VSAN for a Dev environment.

      We are looking at 4 server with 8 CPU each

      We plan to work on ESXi 6.7, 6.5 & 6.0


      Where can i get a quote with pricing details (based on cpu, esx, etc etc) ?

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          daphnissov Guru
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          You will need to contact either a reseller partner or VMware sales directly as pricing varies on a number of factors.

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            TheBobkin Virtuoso
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            Hello rahuls23,



            If you want ballpark pricing then I would advise contacting sales team(s) for whichever is your preferred/intended vendor with regard to vSAN ReadyNodes or other package solutions such as VxRail.

            If you intend to build it yourself then pricing for servers that support the versions of ESXi you are using + controllers,cache and capacity-tier drives supported for vSAN + licensing from VMware is what you will need.

            Pricing can vary massively depending on more specific requirements (e.g. a 2TB per node Hybrid vs a 20TB per node All-NVMe) licensing levels required for the features needed (e.g. vSAN Standard vs Enterprise).




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              IRIX201110141 Master

              New pricelist comes 2 days ago...

              - You can buy single vSAN CPU Lics as aditional to your vSphere lics

              - You can buy special vSAN HCI Lic which is vSAN + Enterprise Plus

              - Dont forget vCenter if you havent one already


              If you buy vSAN it always needs Production SnS (Basic ist not allowed/available).


              - vxRail comes always with vCenter half the ways. For the CPU lics you can bring your own or buy it with the Appiances.


              4 server each 8 CPUs? Which Vendor offers 8 socket Hosts for x86 or do you mean 4 VMs with up to 8 vCPU each?




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                TheBobkin Virtuoso
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                Hello Joerg,



                "If you buy vSAN it always needs Production SnS (Basic ist not allowed/available)."

                Just some clarification on this point (in case someone reading thinks they can't call us ): we no longer offer Basic support for vSAN on new clusters or renewals but we still support existing Basic customers.




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                  IRIX201110141 Master

                  Hi TheBobkin,

                  thanx for that info.... anyway it looks like he is trying to buy new vsan ... and buying first time in general




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                    BerndtSchumann Enthusiast

                    Recently I was comparing pricing of VMware vSAN and StarWind VSAN. It appeared that the latter was more cost effective, as it is licensed on the per server basis, as opposed to per-client licensing of VMware vSAN. For example, 10-node cluster storage on 3 nodes and 10 compute: StarWind charges for 3 nodes, while VMware will charge for 10.