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    Missing LUNs on Host

    vAndrew Enthusiast

      We seem to have an issue with a single host within one of our clusters. All the other hosts can see the presented LUNs (Fibre based compellent SAN) apart from one host which claims 'No datastores have been configured'


      It used to work, its been ignored for a while though, and now it needs fixing. Under the host in vCenter it just lists/vmfs/volumes/'ID Number'


      Under settings > Storage adapters it lists the HBA and identifier, but nothing under paths or devices, whereas the others list the paths and devices used. Also doesn't list anything under the storage devices tab other than 'Local USB Direct Access' and the datastores tab is empty.


      This used to work, but for some reason now doesn't, does anyone have any ideas as to why it might just suddenly stop? Wondering if its a driver issue on the host as opposed to the SAN issue.




      vCenter 6.5

      ESXi 6.0

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          Sureshkumar M Expert

          Since the host is not listing the devices , it is obvious datastores will also not be mounted.


          1.You have to check at storage end if luns are still presented to the host.

          2.Try rebooting the host once if rescan doesnt help.

          3. Check if the HBA has any hardware issue.


          Since it was working before , I dont think this could be due to driver issue unless there was not software change done on the host.

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            vAndrew Enthusiast

            The host was updated a while back, cant recall whether the storage presentation stopped after this update.


            Reboots don't resolve anything.


            The LUNs are still presented to the host at the storage end, and all other hosts can see and access them fine, just this one

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              Sureshkumar M Expert

              compare the firmware and driver of the HBA with working and non-working host ? Are you seeing any errors in vmkernel logs related to HBA ?


              Please provide the following details


              esxcfg-scsidevs -a

              firmware and driver details of the card

              vmkernel log file

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                hillbilly1900 Lurker

                One thing you may want to check is your storage path count on each ESXi host. The path limit per host is 1024. We had issues where we exceeded this count, and LUNS/Datastores would randomly disappear.

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                  RajeevVCP4 Hot Shot

                  It seems LUN was present earlier on this host, that's why there is meta data

                  You can try this workaround


                  1. Remove the LUN only for this host from the storage side.

                  2. Put the host in maintenance mode

                  3. Power off ( not restart)

                  4. Power on and connect by root (vc-client)

                  5. Ask from storage team to present LUN to this host

                  6. Re-scan.




                  If it not work you need to remove host from inventory , but you required add host and configure in DVS if you are using.