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    Provisioning virtual NVDIMM with Perl SDK

    GoodBrew Lurker

      Hi everyone!

      I am trying to provision a virtual NVDIMM device using the Perl SDK. Specifically how the default storage policy for the PMEM datastore backing the device is determined / used.

      I actually have been able to provision the virtual NVDIMM using a storage policy ID I  have determined with a REST call against the vSphere RESTful API service. But that requires a vCenter server and I was hoping to run this script against standalone hosts as well.

      I was hoping some folks here might have some examples of provisioning a virtual NVDIMM device using the Perl SDK


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          amy_reed Lurker

          GoodBrew I am trying to do the same thing, but using the rbvmomi api.  Can you share what you were able to do. We do have vCenter server.  I think I am using correct storage profile, but something in how I am calling ReconfigVM_Task is not working right, so I suspect I am creating the storage profile incorrectly!

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            GoodBrew Lurker

            We ended up automating an API call to the vCenter Server's RESTful API server to get the datastore policy ID. We used this endpoint:


                GET <vcenter-server>/vcenter/datastore/<datastore-moid>/default-policy


            Once we had the policy ID, we constructed a VirtualMachineConfigSpec object like this to pass to reconfigure_vm task:


            # make the nvdimm_backing object

            # We had to pass an empty string as a fileName value for some reason...

            nvdimm_backing = VirtualNVDIMMBackingInfo(fileName = "")


            # make the nvdimm device object

            nvdimm_dev = VirtualNVDIMM(capacityInMB = <some_size>, backing=nvdimm_backing, controllerKey=<your-nvdimm-controller>)


            # some other values we needed to fill out

            op = VirtualDeviceConfigSpecOperation("add")

            fileOp = VirtualDeviceConfigSpecFileOperation("create")

            nvdimm_profile = new VirtualMachineDefinedProfileSpec(profileId = <the policy ID you got from the vcenter>)  # this is where we insert the policy ID


            # combine it all together for the VirtualDeviceConfigSpec:
            vnvdimm_spec = VirtualDeviceConfigSpec(profile=[ nvdimm_profile ], device=nvdimm_dev , fileOperation=fileOp, operation=fileOp)


            # then roll that into the VirtualMachineConfigSpec and reconfigure the VM

            config_spec = VirtualMachineConfigSpec([deviceChange = vnvdimm_spec])

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              amy_reed Lurker


              Thanks so much!  That worked!  I had the correct profile ID, it was the filename in the nvdimm backing info that was giving me trouble. Passing the empty string worked wonderfully. Appreciate your help!