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      • 30. Re: Migrate option in VM is grayed out
        shockvolt1 Lurker

        Generally there are 3 criteria that might cause the migrate option to be grayed out.


        1. There is an old snapshot or a 3rd party backup is running that has created a snapshot of the VM.  You will need to delete the snapshot to be able to migrate.

        2. There is an attached device such as a CD Rom/ISO file or special port that needs to be removed in the settings of the VM.

        3. There is a DRS rule that requires the VM to be on that host.  Check DRS rules on the Configuration tab and if necessary, remove the VM from the DRS rule or group.


        I had a scenario where none of these applied.  I had to power the VM off, remove from inventory, then add to inventory on the host where I wanted it to reside.

        Hope this helps someone.

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