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    What is the purpose of DeployVMinfo

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      what is the purpose of DeployVMinfo?

      I have deploy/DeployVMinfo = DeployVM0:xx.xx.xx.xx  

      I can see a suggested static IP address shows in hosts-stub.txt, I have added it into /etc/hosts

      but I don‘t know why we need that, I don’t see I have a machine created with name DeployVM0 in vcenter.




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          In short, in addition to application workloads VMmark3 also contains infrastructure operations.  One of these is a Clone and Deploy operation which periodically creates a new VM from the VMmark template and performs some common administrative tasks.  Because you are working in a static IP environment, the DeployVMinfo parameter is used to tell the benchmark which IP address you'd like to use.  This should be a IP address that is within the same subnet as your other workload VMs but is not currently being used by any of the workload or client VMs.



          For more info, take a look at the VMmark Users Guide, sections:

          Virtual Machine Cloning and Deployment

          Calculate the Number of Simultaneous Infrastructure Operations


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