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    Network Insight Use Cases

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      Does anyone have vRNI use case where it pinpoint the exact issue in the network and helped troubleshooting?


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          Christian_Holle Lurker

          Yes, it is a very helpfull tool in the planning of the microsegmentation with NSX.

          With VRNI it was possible to even make a Microsegmentation for example with Dell Avamar,without any incident, because we saw all Port, even the Ports, which were not documentated.

          You even build up a documentation of the whole network Infrastructure in excel in minutes.

          We found a problem with a switch in a few Minutes and exact the port of the switch, which was responsible for the trouble and the latency.


          From my Point of view, it is one of the best tools of VMware, which they have in their catalog. It is the product most underestimated in its use and it is a great benefit for a productive environment, to analyse the infrastructure and build up documentations.