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    VMWare Player 15 - Windows 7 unsolicited copy/paste to host

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      I have what, for me, is a major problem but may be simple to fix.

      I'm running Windows 7 in VMWare Player 15 on Ubuntu 18.04.1.

      I have VMTools installed as well.

      I can copy and paste from guest to host and vice versa.


      The problem is that if I copy and paste something within Windows, the file is also pasted to Ubuntu just by moving my mouse over to the host (I have dual displays).

      Almost like it's dragging and dropping but without me actually dragging it.

      The file ends up in the drag and drop cache on the host (/home/username/.cache/vmware/drag_and_drop).

      What makes the problem major for me is that while copying from guest to host works fine, copying from a network drive on the guest to host results in a BSOD.

      That's something I can live with, but if I'm working in Windows and copying between network drive and local drive in Windows, if my mouse moves anywhere in the host I get a BSOD.


      I've added "isolation.tools.dnd.disable = "TRUE"" to the vmx file; but it doesn't help.

      That's the only isolation parameter I've added to the vmx file.