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    VLAN configuration not working

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      Hi everyone, i'm facing an issue configuring a VLAN on vSphere, i'll be more specific, we currently have several vlans already configured and working, we have the need to add a new one, once created the vlan is not working on the VMs that are assigned to it but i can ping the vlan gateway from the esx hosts shell, what am i missing? Needless to say that the VLAN is correctly configured on the network switches. I'm by no means a vmware expert and i'm a bit lost on how to proceed to troubleshoot any misconfiguration or issues.

      Any help is really appreciated.

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          There's actually not much you have to do on the ESXi side, other than creating a port group with the appropriate VLAN ID. Note that the VLAN ID must only be set for port groups which other than the physical switch's default/native VLAN.

          Although you say that the physical setup is correct, please double check that the VLAN is known on the switch (e.g. show vlan), and that it is allowed on the physical ports to which the ESXi host is connected.