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    Design document is just a copy from VVD???

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      Dear Vmware Gurus,


      Just want to double check one thing. We are deploying a Vmware Solution including NSX and Horizon. Most of the content of the documents provided by service provider is a copy paste from online Vmware valid design(VVD). The logical diagram in the document does not reflect our current topology. No one from service provider analyse our current network. Most of the answer of technical question are answered by 'this is based on the VVD'. No logical failover test plan is provided by service provider. I thought service provider should come up with the test plan and prove whatever have been done will work as expected. Not sure this is normal or we are just the most lucky guy. Just wondering whether anyone has the same experience. Have been working in IT for more than 15 years. First time of having this experience. Please share your experience. Your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.

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          First and foremost - referring VVD and preparing a design guide is the right approach. That being said, design document should not be a Copy/Paste of VVD , logical/conceptual/physical/functional/non-functional etc etc. points/figures will always be unique to the design and if we don't see that in the document ,it defeats the purpose of design document. Probably if you can have a quick discussion with the team on the document expectation and specifically - points to be covered and the right format, it would be a matter of 1-2 days for a good architect to update those requirements and align with your business needs. So please don't consider this as a showstopper for the project, set the expectation ,get the changes done and move on . Good luck for a successful project completion.