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    App Volumes - SQL Database Maintenance?

    pbastiaans Novice

      Does anyone else do maintenance on the app vol SQL database?


      We are seeing:

      [2019-02-27 04:36:26 UTC] P3496DJ2683937  INFO        Cvo: Unable to find AD entry for Computer <NT_D\VDIDEV1$||conflicted1933;> with ObjectGUID: 6B3D4548-7690-4695-AA06-5E0D75BDF321
      [2019-02-27 04:36:26 UTC] P3496DJ2683937 ERROR        Cvo: Unable to save "Computer <NT_D\VDIDEV1$>":



      The response from vmware tech support was to delete records from a table:

      Right Click on the Table : dbo.computers and select “Edit Top 200 Rows”.

      Delete all the entries for the VDI’s. You can select multiple VDI’s in a bunch and delete them