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    AutoDesk / AutoCAD - anyone get these apps to work ? thx.

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi All ,


      Just curious if anyone has had success pushing AutoDESK apps out on AppStacks ? 


      We run about 4 different versions along with a 1000 individual addon's each user has for AutoCAD / Revit..etc.


      Any idea if putting these in AppStacks works ok ?.. From the searches i find.. it sounds like login times are getting crazy high.  Im also not finding any premade UEM configs so that makes me think not a ton of people are putting this in an Appstack ( well... and also using UEM ).


      Any idea if bad idea to put AutoCAD in an app stack and put each AutoCAD ver on gold images ? ( which wouldnt be fun ).


      If i remember correctly AutoCAD is over 100gb.. to have that copy down each and every time a user logs into a CAD machine would create an immense amount of traffic imo .


      we are 2.15 app vol / 9.5 UEM / 7.6 Horizon .


      thanks !