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    vRA 7.5 Change Owner of XaaS Item

    pizzle85 Hot Shot

      A long time ago i worked through the process of changing the owner of an XaaS item How to change owner of custom resource . It looks like the process has changed in 7.5. Does anyone have a working method to change the owner of an XaaS provisioned item?

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          Myutora Novice

          Hi pizzle85!


          These are some options which made it work in my case:

          1. Using the method you've described in your link with the XaaS Resource Action --> Make sure to select both 'Disposal' and 'Provisioning'. As only selecting 'Provisioning' does not seem to work anymore. This will re-register your object in vRA by removing it and afterwards adding it under the user that executed the XaaS Resource Action 'Change Owner'.
          2. Another option is to have your XaaS Blueprints show up in the 'Blueprint Designer' and create a regular Blueprint for it + add your XaaS Object to it. This will make sure that your XaaS Provisioned Items show up as Deployments with the XaaS object underneath it. Hence the default 'Change Owner' action is visible on the 'Deployment' like it is with regular Blueprints.


          I hope it helps!


          Have a nice day!

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