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    ThinApp application specific files outside .dat file

    riccardocardinali Lurker

      Hi all,

      I started using thinapp recently and I have a problem:


      I have an application that use some configuration files that I need to access manually. When I build the package, all files about my app are included into the .dat file, so when I need to access configuration files manually (to edit  or overwrite them with a most recent version) I can not do that. Is there a way to immediately expose some files out of the .dat file? I read that every file modified by the virtualized application, is placed inside the sandbox folder, and then it will come used forever by the virtualized application. Is it possibile enforce this condition immediatly?




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          Nona96 Lurker

          I really do not think there is any short cut except for this. Even I m eager to know how would that happen!

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            mtcca2 Lurker

            You could:

            1. Add a CMD prompt entry point to your capture so you can launch it and edit the config file inside the "sandbox"

                 add/edit package.ini







                           Rebuild the ThinApp by executing build.bat file

                           Under "bin" folder, you will see cmd.exe

                           Launch cmd.exe to open virtual command prompt and type explorer.exe.

                           Browse to the ThinApp project folder to see the virtual files inside the bubble


            2. Keep the captured source and update the config file in the source then run the build.bat to repackage to include updated config changes.

                 C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware ThinApp\Captures\applicationname\%drive_C%


            We do #2 to update any patched dlls we get prior to a major release of our application.

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              Rober1t Lurker

              This .exe is self contained, it’s one file which you can carry around and execute from a Windows machine and run the application TelltheBell.