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    How to implement Vmware replication

    festo_eldama Lurker


      I need your assistance to implement Vmware replication . And i have the following


      -Dell Poweredge R730 Chassis (2U)

      -2 x Socket E5 Xeon 3.2GHz / 8Core (Version 4)

      -128GB Memory DDR4 2400MT/s

      -6 x 1TB NLSAS Configured in RAID 6

      -Raid Controller

      -4 x 1GB Port Daughter card

      -1 x Dual Port 1GB Interface Card Enterprise iDRAC

      -Connectivity between sites is 2mbps over MPLS,  please recommend the recommended throughput for replication. This is very little throughput

      -8 Vm’s running and used data is approximately 3 TB

      -an unused VMotion license , what license is required for VMware replication ?