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    Determining vCloud Director initiating organisation at Presentation level (Started from vCD - Service Library)

    JitseH Novice

      Hi all,


      We are building vCD Workflows for our Tenants at our vCD 9.5 environment which they can launch from the ‘Service Library’ of vCD.

      In this workflows we want the user to select one of their Virtual Machine at the Presentation layer to perform some modifications.


      Before we can collect the Tenants virtual machines and return them to a dropdown box at presentation layer, we of course need to know which Tenant initiated the workflow.

      We have found the snippet “System.getContext().getParameter("_vcd_orgName")”, but this only works in the workflow itself.

      This code is just returning ‘null’ from the presentation level when we execute this code within an action.


      How can we retrieve the initiated orgName in an vRO action script which is building an field of type ‘Predefined list of elements’?  


      Our environment versions:



      vRO vCD Plugin: