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    Win10 Guest vs Xbox One Controller (wired)

    JimDeadlock Lurker

      I'm running VMWare Player 15.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 host. My Win10 guest is generally running great, with VMWare Tools properly installed. In the settings for the guest I've set USB compatibility to 2.0 although I've also tried 1.1 and 3.0 (with reboots).


      My Xbox One controller (wired) seems to be properly connected to the Win10 Guest. The 'Microsoft Controller' icon appears on the taskbar at the bottom of the VMWare guest window and I can connect/disconnect it (the icon blinks when connected, is that normal?). It appears properly in Device Manager within the guest:



      Under Win Settings > Devices again it appears normally:




      Also please note that my USB headset works flawlessly in the guest.


      My problem is that my apps can't seem to detect the controller. Steam reports 'no controllers detected' and when I try to run Xbox Accessories (from the Microsoft store) I get this:




      I'm wondering if this is even a VMWare issue? Maybe it's just Windows acting up?