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    Unable to export VMX to OVF (Workstation Pro 15)

    pchapin Lurker



      I'm a new VMware user. I'm running Workstation Pro 15 on a Windows 10 system. I'm trying to export one of my VMs to OVF format. When I use the IDE it fails so I tried using the ovftool.exe program directly. Specifically I issued the following command:


          ovftool --X:logToConsole --X:logLevel=verbose "C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Virtual Machines\Pilgrim\Pilgrim.vmx" C:\lib\Pilgrim.ovf


      Toward the end of the verbose output I see things like this:


          2019-02-22T17:46:20.693-05:00 C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Virtual Machines\Pilgrim\ is not a file

          Error: Failed to open file: C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Virtual Machines\Pilgrim\


      It is true that C:\Users\Peter\Documents\Virtual Machines\Pilgrim\ is not a file. It is a folder. My question is: why is it even trying to open that? I looked at the contents of the VMX file, but I do not see this folder mentioned there. Thoughts?


      I should mention that this VM was originally imported from a VirtualBox OVA file. The import appeared to work okay (although I was warned about an issue... forget the details now), and the machine runs fine.


      P.S. When I try to do the export in the IDE, I get basically the same message about being unable to open the folder although there is a trailing dot on the path in case that is significant at all.