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    Linux Host, Windows 10 Guest, Altium Designer "Directx 10 not supported" error

    nedkonz2 Lurker

      I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on an Intel NUC8i7BEH, which has the "Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655" GPU.

      According to Intel, this GPU hardware supports Direct3D 2015, 11.2, 11.1, 9, and 10, as well as OpenGL 4.5 .

      I'm running VMWare workstation 15 Player, and a Windows 10 Home guest (10.0 build 17134).

      I'm trying to run Altium Designer 18, which requires DirectX 10 for correct operation.

      When I open a view in Altium that requires DirectX, I get an Altium "DirectX 10 is not supported" error dialog and I don't see the expected display.


      I have "enable 3D acceleration" turned on in my settings; originally that didn't work so I changed my .vmx file (per several posts in the Forum) to include:

      mks.enable3d = "TRUE"

      mks.gl.allowBlacklistedDrivers = "TRUE"

      mks.enableDX11Renderer = "FALSE"

      mks.enableGLRenderer = "TRUE"

      When I run dxdiag in my Windows guest, it says "DirectX Version: DirectX 12", "no problems found", "Direct3D Acceleration: Enabled".


      What can I do to fix this problem?