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    Skyline wan bandwidth requirements for remote sites

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      I have a customer who wants to know what the wan network bandwidth requirements are for a Skyline appliance.


      Scenario: If they have a Skyline appliance in each regional datacenter and need to monitor vCenters at remote manufacturing sites what are the wan network bandwidth minimal requirements to do so. This customer has ~40 vCenters in the regional datacenters and ~30 more at remote sites around the world.

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          I don't believe this information is published however from a Skyline talk at a recent vMUG I was informed that it was "very little" - It's sending encrypted configuration and usage data to VMware in the US but no logging at this time so it won't be a large amount of bandwidth required.


          I would install and inspect the bandwidth for 1 vCenter Server and multiply out from there


          More information: VMware Knowledge Base

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            That's very hard to say, it depends on the size of the inventory. Generally speaking the first collection from a vCenter is a relatively big one, for instance, it may be something at around 100MB for a VC with a few thousand VM-s, but after that only changes to that inventory are collected every 2 minutes and those tend to be pretty small, probably a few KBs.