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    Word Office 365 broken after installing in AppStack

    Jketels Novice

      I am using AppVolumes 2.15 with Windows 10 1803.

      We want to publish Office 365 to our users but Word is broken after the installation in the AppStack.


      What do we do:

      • Placing the Windows 10 AppStack image in provisioning mode
      • Installing O365 with an XML (only Word / Excel / Powerpoint / Lync and Outlook)
      • The installation is successful
      • If I now assign the appstack to the users, all applications are working except Word


      So if I try to open Word after the installation ( I know not recommended ) it states that Word is broken and needs to be repaired.

      I tried installing O365 with both Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 and 2017 > no success.


      If the AppStack template is out of provisioning mode O365 installs also successful but with a working Word application.

      What could be the case here?