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    SRM Resource Mappings - can't create multiple reverse mappings

    Baoth Enthusiast

      Hi all


      Just wondered if someone could help clear something up for me please, as I have not been able to find anything to support an issue that has been raised by a colleague.


      I am in the process of planning a Planned Migration of some VM's, in order to simulate DR. SRM has been used in the past, but the last time there was an issue with reprotection and subsequent failback.


      It was explained to me that the issues were related to the various resource mappings.


      The protected site contains a variety of resource pools - named Resource Pool 1 - 5.

      The recovery site contains a variety of resource pools too, but they do not match. Lets call the resource pool that is in question "SRM".


      What has been configured is a VM1, VM1 and VM3 in Resource Pool 1 are targeting the SRM pool at the recovery site. Failover works fine.


      Coming back however, there seems to be a problem which relates to the reverse mappings under Resource Mappings of the site in SRM, and I can't for the life of me understand exactly why or what is needed.


      At this precise moment, there are 2 Resource Mappings. Only one is noted as "Yes" to having Reverse Mapping's. If we try and change the "No" entry, it just flips the Yes and No, so both can't contain Yes.


      Any help or advice would be great.