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    BSOD when provisioning with AppVolumes agent 2.15

    LukaszDziwisz Enthusiast

      Hello Everyone,


      Does anyone encounter often BSOD while provisioning with with APpVolume agent 2.15. Here is what happens in my case. We are using Windows 1809 LTSC, the packaging machines are clones of the Base image stripped down to the minimum. I'm trying to provision Departmental appstacks and consolidate as many common Departmental apps as I can. Sometimes after installing an application I need to reboot the machine while still capturing and when that happens I'm getting BSOD and have to cancel provisioning and start over again. It appears to be happening on many different/random  occasions with different application. If I don't reboot at all and simply after being done complete provisioning the machine reboots fine and I can complete the process. If I provision on the same packaging machine with downgraded agent 2.14 I don't see that problem however don't want to go that route either because AppVolumes agent 2.14 doesn't support windows 1809.


      Any help would be appreciated,

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