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    Upgrade Remote Collector

    mbegrow Lurker

      Is there a way to manually upgrade a Remote Collector with a pak file from a SSH session to the appliance?

      Is there a way to check the version of a Remote Collector from a SSH session to the Appliance?

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          GayathriS Expert

          When you upgrade the virtual appliances of vRealize Operations Manager in your SDDC, you perform the update operation manually only on the master node in the cluster. All other nodes are updated automatically.


          Why are you looking for option to upgrade RC individually ?




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            RickVerstegen Expert

            I agree, why do you want to upgrade a RC individually?


            To check RC version go to Cluster Management page, under the Nodes in the vRealize Operations Manager Cluster table, check the version column.

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              CorneGrobbelaar Lurker

              Since there is no documentation explicitly stating that the Remote Collectors gets upgraded automatically when you upgrade the cluster (analytics/master nodes). I don't want to assume things.

              There are no pak files for RCs. We do know it would require and OS and App update. (Does it mean blow the current RC away and deploy a new one?)

              Is there a magic mechanism once the cluster is updated that a "smaller" upgrade footprint is distributed to the RC's?

              What if some of the RC's are sitting in remote sites (no gigabit connections - slow links)?

              How is the RC upgrades "controlled" under a change slot...?